Melons Galore!

Detroit Painter/Filmmaker/Educator Joseph Bernard mixes up
a first time show for PocketRadio. Pulling from his vast collection
of vinyl and CDs, this show is a wonderful move from 
one idea to another, of layering, density and cutting that recalls many of
his films.

For a closer look at Joe's artwork check out >


[The symbolic life is a prerequisite for mental health]

‘When a man comes across something that intrigues him, even though to others it may seem dull and inert, a mere stone, he should suspect that this stone contains for him a spirit.’ – Esther Harding, Psychic Energy, 1963

John Bertram

Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?

A summer closer that recalls musical releases 20 years earlier. A time when down-tempo, lounge and rare groove were emerging to a weary listeners delight. Carry it with you for another 20 and into old age.

The PocketRadio Cassette Recovery Project - Funky Fat Jazz

The beginning of what we hope becomes an ongoing dive into the world of pre-digital mixed cassettes (personal or "commercial").
Unearthed from various collections, these time capsules recall a visceral urgency and nostalgia for sharing music assembled by hand
and labled at the local Xerox shop. 
Here then is our first offering. An absoulutey thick and FUNKY rare groover bought in Camden Lock Market / London around 1997. 
Mixed by Gerald and held tightly ever since. 

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